Hands Of Hope Outreach Ministries, INC.

Helping Other's Persevere Everyday

Our Program Descriptions Of Service:

  1. Community Kitchen - Our community kitchen serves delicious nutritious foods to New York City food insecure families and individuals throughout it's surrounding boroughs, 7 days a week, 3 times a day , 365 days a year. Each day our team of culinary professionals, along with an army of committed volunteers, create dishes that are both nutritious and appealing. The end results are thousands of healthy, delicious meals for neighbors in need who cannot provide or prepare them for themselves .
  2. Meals On Wheels (MOW) - Our MOW program will not only provide health , nutritious and delicious meals, we will also provide a friendly, safety and security checks for our home bound participants daily. The MOW menu will be customized to the individuals health status by offering a variety of special and therapeutic diets. through this program we can ensure out participants get the appropriate and nutritious meals they need to live healthy and productive lives.
  3. Community Food Pantry Grocery Store - Our Food Pantry will be organized like a grocery store using shelving, cold storage and freezer units to provide a shopping experience. Education and training is provided to the clients to help them in choosing and preparing well-balanced, nutritious foods.
  4. Distribution Program - Our food Distribution Program will acquire foods and grocery products for distribution to representatives of other community organizations with their 501(c) (3) , our partner agencies will be able to provide food to New York city and it's surrounding boroughs food insecure residents through food pantries, emergency shelters, rehabilitation and senior centers, soup kitchens and childcare centers.
  5. H.O.H.O.M. Employment Services for Returning Citizens- What can be done to help people who are released from prison keep from being rearrested? With no job, no money, well, Hands of Hope Outreach Ministries, Inc. Assist returning citizens and persons with criminal records with obtaining the necessary documentation for employment through our employment services. As well, as advocacy, and assisting in obtaining and retaining gainful positive employment within our organizations, or other employment opportunities. We believe that finding and keeping employment, and receiving mentoring are the two elements of successful reentry into communities.
  6. H.O.H.O.M. Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Health Screenings- These services will ensure the health and safety of our clients.